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Shayan and Allen Captivate at Bombay Times Fashion Week 2024

AGMODELS continues to make waves in the fashion world as our talented models, Shayan and Allen, graced the prestigious Bombay Times Fashion Week 2024 runway. The event, a hallmark of elegance and innovation in the industry, provided a platform for our models to showcase their impeccable style and undeniable charisma.

cat walk of Shayan for Bombay Times Fashion Week
catwalk of Shayan for Bombay Times Fashion Week

Stepping onto the runway adorned in Rohit Verma's exquisite creations, Shayan and Allen effortlessly captivated the audience with their poise and grace. As ambassadors of AGMODELS, they embodied the essence of sophistication and glamour, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Rohit Verma's collection, a fusion of traditional Indian motifs with contemporary designs, provided the perfect canvas for our models to shine. Shayan mesmerized the audience with his confident stride, while Allen exuded charm and charisma with every step.

The synergy between AGMODELS and Rohit Verma's vision was evident, as our models brought life to the designer's creations, infusing each ensemble with personality and flair. Their impeccable professionalism and dedication to their craft were commendable, earning them praise from both the audience and industry insiders alike.

In addition to showcasing their modeling prowess on the runway, Shayan and Allen also embodied the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork backstage, reflecting the values upheld by AGMODELS. Their positive attitude and collaborative spirit contributed to the seamless execution of the show, further cementing their reputation as sought-after talents in the industry.

As AGMODELS continues to set new benchmarks in the world of fashion, Shayan and Allen's stellar performance at Bombay Times Fashion Week 2024 serves as a testament to our agency's commitment to excellence. We are immensely proud of their achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued success on and off the runway.


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